Working with Tristan as an editor was one of the best choices I’ve made as a writer. His broad knowledge of philosophy, psychology, and religion allowed him to understand and interpret my writing in a way that few others could have. I agreed with nearly all his suggestions, which helped me to polish my book and make it the best work that I could produce. As all great editors do, Tristan helped me to bring out the beauty of what was already there. In addition to being extremely insightful, Tristan was extremely professional in his work. Over six intense weeks of working with him, he never missed a deadline. His work is thorough, complete, and punctual, which suited my work habits well. I am grateful for Tristan’s help with my writing and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an editor.

~ Daniel Goldsmith, author of Choose Your Metaphor
Working with Tristan facilitated a paradigm shift in the way I was approaching the treatment and healing of my injury. Instead of continuing to approach aggressive, harsh, toxic treatments I had sought in the past, Tristan encouraged me to heal my knee with gentleness and mindfulness, holding my body and my injury with an embrace of tenderness.

~ Jaquie Faust, triathlete, neuro scientist and mother
The right circumstances came  together to reveal to me the profound contribution to my well being in the form of Tristan Stark. His lessons will be life long memories of being treated like family, as he spent so much time and concern teaching me the basics of Qi Gong. He has opened up a whole new realm of healing and integration and an intimate sense of every single particle of my body. I am so grateful.

~ David Bruner, former Zen monk
I worked with Tristan whilst writing my first book. I found he gave clear, honest, and constructive advice.He offered great guidance in how to rework the content and structure of my book. Tristan takes the time to adapt his approach to yours, helping to connect to the best in you so you can integrate this into your piece of work. He is very patient, listens and provides very pertinent feedback and suggestions.It has been a pleasure to work with Tristan. I would definitely renew the experience.

~ Lisa - Francesca Lewark
Tristan is a kind man. Thanks to him I not only got closer to myself, but the practice
he teaches made me realize how closely connected I am to the planet that I live on. He teaches how change occurs in nature and creates the energetic environment where we grow like trees do! Qi Gong classes with him lead to feeling grounded on the earth to firmly face the challenges of life, while looking towards the sky as we aspire for a good life. He really shows a genuine passion for nature and its creations.

~ Ludovic Laguillon
Working with Tristan was like taking a course in advanced composition. His editing was spot on and showed me how to develop my writing skills in order to bring out the best in my story and characters. I highly recommend him to any writer who wants to develop or improve their writing.

~ Jeffrey Goldsmith, Author of The Angel of the In Between
Working with Tristan was a tremendous boon. His editing skill is precise, and his criticisms are straight and fair, made upon the firm ground of much literary experience. As such, it is much like having another gardener in the flowerbed with you, except with knowledge of rare and exotic plants, clever planting strategies, and above all, a unique and visceral sense of the divine timing of the seasons. I would highly recommend Tristan for any editing work.

~ Noah Cebulliak, musician and Author of Winter of My Mind

Tristan Stark

Mile End
Qc. - Canada